One ‘Way Out

This is my third and final post from Monday’s little trip up to Sarnia, Ontario. Yesterday’s ended in deep despair after I realized that I would have to come up with a new post title. I may have hit a new low with this one. Any”way”…


Does this face look familiar?


It should… it’s been in my blog posts non-stop this winter.


After a long and busy season, the 646′ long Algoway is resting at the Sidney E. Smith dock.


The veteran self-unloader had some winter repairs being made, which is a good sign. Last winter, the Algorail was moored in this spot, and no repairs were taking place during either of my visits.


This vessel has been the subject of many retirement rumors dating back to 2008, but so far every one has been dispelled.


In 2014, expect another season filled with stone and salt for the Algoway.


Hmm… I can’t get through the winter without a rope shot. This one isn’t so good though.


That mini-stack next to the big one definitely adds character.


I guess this wooden thing does too.


And here’s a view of the entire hull for you. That concludes the Canadian portion of this post.


I am welcomed back to the USA in proper fashion, as one would expect.


Looking across the river from Port Huron… it’s the Algoway!

North Slip

I couldn’t really catch the Algosar from the Canadian side, so here she is rafted to the CSL Assiniboine in the North Slip.


And, to close out this saga, the AlgosteelPeter R. Cresswell, and Algoma Olympic at the Government Dock.


This could possibly be my last post for a few weeks, so… until next time!

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