Just a Steel Can in a River

I was not there. These photos were all taken by Wade P. Streeter this week. I thank Wade for sending them along to me.

Cuyahoga rolls through the Detroit River water, fresh from drydock in Sturgeon Bay. The 620′ long ship is from 1943 and is the flagship of Lower Lakes Towing.

She was their first freighter, coming under their ownership in 1995.

The tug Zeus of Dann Marine Towing has been an interesting visitor to the lakes. She was towing the tank barge Robert F. Deegan here, but last winter was moving stone around on Lake Michigan. Have tug, will travel? I don’t know.

Somebody is becoming popular on this blog… Lakes Contender on her first trip downbound. Headed for Cleveland.

Ken Boothe Sr. working hard.

J.W. Westcott II out and about.

And it’s these last two photos that make me wish I was there: Algosteel, fresh from drydock at Port Weller, at Ojibway salt doing what Algosteel does.

If you haven’t caught on, Algosteel is my favorite boat. I last saw her at Port Colborne in February. She was retired by Algoma after the 2010 season, but got a reprieve and was brought out for 2011. Over the winter she got her 5-year survey and appears to have been renewed for at least five more years. She is an oldie, having been built at Lauzon, Quebec back in 1966.

And thanks again to Wade for the photos, all of which were taken by him and are not to be used without his permission. Actually nothing can be taken off of here without my permission, says that license at the bottom of every post (I’ve had a problem with this lately).

For more of Wade’s fantastic camera work, see here.

Lastly, until we meet again, adieu Algosteel!

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