Three More

The Peter R. Cresswell was not quite the only boat I saw yesterday. I saw an ATB and another tug, and here are those three photos.

The self-unloading ATB Joseph H. Thompson zoomed past the J.W. Westcott Company. She used to be a working steamer, and a navy troop carrier before that.

When she was converted into a barge, the leftover steel from her stern was used to make her tug, Joseph H. Thompson Jr. She’s probably one of the weirdest looking tugs I’ve ever seen.

This is the Andrie tug Rebecca Lynn seen from the forecastle of Cresswell. Rebecca was with her oil barge A-397, but it was not visible here.

That should be all for new content until next weekend. Stay tuned.

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6 thoughts on “Three More

  1. wow!! on the lakes, they do radical things with ships. scrolling thru here i found a foto of joseph thompson JR. OUT of the notch! strange bow! interesting recycling, though.

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