Algosar II & The Soo Opening

The next set of photos (again courtesy of Bob Baker) that I have to present are of the 434′ long tanker Algosar at the Soo, probably in 2005. I wrote a post all about Algosar here.

But this is before any of those photos were taken.

The funniest little tanker on the Great Lakes is working her way through the St. Marys River.

Does she look different than she does my own photos? She should.

Ah, she’s painted gray and the Algoma logo is nowhere to be found.

This is because Algoma had literally just purchased her from Cleveland Tankers, where her name was Gemini.

Honestly, I would like to know the story behind this ship’s design. She looks to have been built for some canal, based on her height.

Now as for Algoma Tankers Ltd. (a division of the Algoma Central Corp.), it came into existence in 1997 when they bought out Imperial Oil’s marine operations.

The only one of the ex-Imperial boats left is Algoeast. The others were Algosar (1), Algoscotia (1), and Algofax.

In 1999 they bought out Enerchem Tankers, but only kept one boat. She became Algocatalyst. I think she still works overseas as Santa Claus.

However, the single-hull boats were sold for scrap. Algoeast remained (Algonova (1) stuck around until 2008) because she had been converted to double-hull. They bought Algosar (2) aka this boat, and Algosea. In 2004 Algoscotia (2) was delivered and Algonova (2) and AlgoCanada came in 2009/2010.

But back to this. Here’s Algosar approaching the locks. Behind is the Purvis Marine yard. From left to right are the tugs Anglian Lady (Wilfred M. Cohen behind) and Avenger IV. The craneship Yankcanuck can be seen behind the building.

She takes the lock approach. Anglian Lady is now gone and you can see either W.I. Scott Purvis or W.J. Ivan Purvis. The tall wheelhouse astern of Yankcanuck behind the building is the tug Reliance.

She’s heading into the mighty Poe Lock. And so ends the tale of Algosar.

Meanwhile, while I’ve been sitting here and doing this, Ken of MichiganExposures was at the Soo Opening. Here’s one of his shots of the mighty 1,004′ long Wasabi Mesabi Miner. For a kind of size comparison, see what Tugster did with this.

Just for fun, I’ll tell you that Miner is 570 feet longer than Algosar. That means that Mesabi Miner is over twice the length of Algosar!

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