Courage, Cornelius & Cleveland

More from Toledo…

The boat in the above photo is the American Courage. She is 636′ loa, but she would be 630′ if it weren’t for that big lip on her bow. She is part of the American Steamship Company fleet.

This is what she looked like in June 2008. ASC had not yet painted her black. Saltie Alessandro DP is hanging out in the background.

Now back to Toledo: This is the Adam E. Cornelius, a 680′ long boat. Note the odd wheelhouse shape.

Here’s the Cornelius fueling in Windsor a few years ago.

Again, back to Toledo: The tug Cleveland is shown sitting at Ironhead shipyard. Her barge, Cleveland Rocks, is being retrofitted for a new tug, Bradshaw McKee, this winter. Does anybody know what will become of poor, relatively new (built 1999) Cleveland?

UPDATE: I have found out that Cleveland has been sold to McAllister Towing of New York, and has been renamed Patrice McAllister. She will likely leave the lakes once the seaway opens.

Here’s a terrible photo of Cleveland/Cleveland Rocks laid-up in Ecorse a few years back (behind a deteriorating SS Columbia).

I’ll post the last of my Toledo pics tomorrow.

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4 thoughts on “Courage, Cornelius & Cleveland

  1. isaac– i recognize the location in that last foto: it’s where my brother-in-law and i nearly got arrested the day after thanksgiving 2011 for taking fotos of SS columbia. those are the very same rails we were told we were too near. love your blog!

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