CedarglenThis very unique vessel has a very interesting history. She was built by Schlieker-Werft of Hamburg, Germany as the saltwater freighter Ems Ore. Here is an interesting extract from http://boatnerd.com written by George Wharton: “Of note early in the history of the Ems Ore, on October 1st, 1966 while sailing off the English coast, 3 drunken sailors attempted a mutiny and tried to destroy the ship with an axe and hammers. They were subdued and arrested.” Well luckily the Ems Ore survived that! In 1976 Hall Corporation of Canada purchased the vessel and she was rebuilt at Davie Shipbuilding of Lauzon, Quebec as a 730′ long bulk carrier. The ship finally began trading for Halco in 1979 as Montcliffe Hall. Hall disbanded in 1988, and theĀ Montcliffe HallĀ went to N.M. Paterson and Sons, who renamed the ship Cartierdoc. She was one of the final three vessels in operation for Paterson when that company also ended its marine operations. Canada Steamship Lines purchased the veteran ex-saltie and renamed her Cedarglen.

CedarglenThe last boat standing out of three sisters, the Cedarglen lives with the ghost of those vessels, both of whom lost their original cabins to fire. Currently she is the only CSL ship still wearing black, and works in the grain and ore trades. How much longer she will be around is a question, as she is technically the oldest ship in the fleet (although her cargo section wasn’t built until her conversion to a laker in the late 70s). One of the better-looking stern-enders on the Lakes, hopefully she will be around for several more years still.


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